Goodbye Kelowna

Here are a few letters from our friends in Kelowna

Hi Tim & Debbie,

We are sad to see you leaving, but excited for the opportunities you are creating for your kids. All the best, and please let us know where you land. I occasionally get to the Kootenays for skiing and would love to get together somewhere for dinner.

Victor & Nancy Chan

So sad to hear your moving on. We counted back 25 years of doing good business with you. We wish you all the best in your new future.

Best Regards
Norb & Gay Schmidt.

Congratulations Tim and Debbie! Thatâ??s exciting news for you and so great that you can relocate to be close to your kids. I want to thank you for being the help I needed over these past few years. God has used you to take care of me through the winter and I am so grateful.

Thanks again,

Tim, Debbie and family,

We will miss Tim and his crew. They have been great to Gwen and I over the last 12 years! We wish you and your family the best going forward.

Dale McDonald

Hi Tim & Debbie,

So sorry to hear that you are leaving & closing your business. But I want to wish you all the best in your new adventure & landscaping business in Invermere with your family. Thank-you so much for all the landscaping work you did for me beginning the Fall of 2018. We are so enjoying it & the front lawn already looks amazing now in early Spring.

Wishing you Godsâ?? blessings in your new endeavour in Invermere.

Thank-you again for all you have done,
Miriam Zader

Tim , Debbie, On behalf of The Bernard Strata Council It's been a real pleasure doing business with Moore Greenery Landscaping Ltd. Sad to see you go. We wish you all the best in your new venture in Invermere.

Rick (Council President The Bernard)

Dear Family Moore

You can't move to Invermere! How are we going to get the great service we have had from you over the past many years! We do wish you a wonderful retirement - if will not be relaxing as you both will be busier then you ever thought you could be, but it will be a happy happy time. NOW what do we do to replace you??

All the best
Marguerite Sisett
Royce Investment Ltd.

Dear Tim, Debbie, Landon, Oliver and Kaisha,

What a stunning news item! This should make the front page of the Courrier! đ???

We are of course very happy for all of you as this major change in your lives seems to be what you all want, and we have to understand your need to start new chapters having ourselves done this by moving to the Okanagan.

Any hope that youâ??ll be around long enough to help us out on the latter at least?

We have thoroughly enjoyed working with you but also becoming acquainted with your wonderful family and will certainly miss you.

All the best to you all

Jean-Claude and Nicole

Thanks for all the years of great service and congratulations on the start of your new chapter!

Glen Gulevich, CMS
Branch Manager

Wow, best of luck to all of you. I remember when we met you - so long ago - you seemed so young. Thank you for all the time and effort you afforded us. We will miss you.

John Duff

Hi Debbie and Family,

This is sad news as weâ??ve enjoyed working with you for snow removal for many year. We totally understand the changes that your family is experiencing and our current real estate market is not conducive to young families buying a home. I wish you and your family all the best and know Invermere will benefit greatly from having your family in their community.

Wishing you much success.

We wish you all the best đ???

Thanks for your help over the years

Jan & Jan

Just want to say that Iâ??m very sad that you will be leaving but I am happy that you will be on to new adventures!

Wishing you all the best on your journey and know that you will be missed greatly!!

All the best to you,
Terry Hamilton

Oh this is very sad Tim but we do understand the economy here in Kelowna and Invermere is a Beautiful area we wish you all lots of success and Happiness wherever you are, those of us who were lucky enough to have Tim and his Team do our landscaping are so very grateful for all your hard work it was much appreciated.

All our best to you all
John and Linda Campbell

Debbie and Tim, We are so excited for you! Lovely to hear of the future plans and that everyone seems to be following their dreams. Tom and I appreciate all the hard work youâ??ve provided over the years. We wish you all the best going forward.

Monique & Tom Chahley

Hi Tim and Debbie

Wishing you nothing but happiness as you move forward. Thank you for all the prompt service over the past 15 years. We moved to Sunset Ranch in 2007 and met Tim when he landscaped our new house. The house Marlene and I moved into, starting our new adventure of living in the Okanagan.

I hope Invermere is as good for you. Happy Quilting Debbie and the best of luck to you Tim, building you dream home!

Stay healthy and enjoy your next adventure!

Gregg and Marlene Kenward

We have appreciated your faithful work in looking after snow removal at Elkar Manor.

Thank you so much for that!

Praying blessings on your journey,
With gratitude,
Karen Engel

Hi Debbie and Tim

Thank you sharing the planned next chapter of your business and lives. And I always appreciated your excellent and timely service. Tim, you were always upbeat. Your service will be greatly missed. We have known you both for almost twenty years, your family has grown, and now your business is in its second generation.

I wish you all the best. Thank you for your service.

Hannelore Brown

Tim, Debbie, Landon and Oli,

We only new all of you for a very short time as you were creating a show off masterpiece of our yard for all the envy of Sunset Ranch and to which we owe you our gratitude. Sad to hear that you are leaving us but we wish you nothing but the very best in all of your future endeavours and may life in your new home base, treat you with kindness as you and yours did for us.

Thank you all very much for the beautiful yard you left us with.

Good luck and all the bestâ?¦
Hans and Jan Timonen

Dear Tim and Debbie,

Big changes for you all. We are happy that you will be together with your family. We will miss you but we are so glad that you will be doing the things that you dreamed of doing. Thank you for your wonderful service and we wish you all the best going forward.

Take care,
Angie and Frank Ritz